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Dynamic Duo: Promo Staff and Discount Vouchers

By 24th November 2023No Comments

Gosh Promo staff immerse themselves into your brand

In the busy, bustling streets of the UK, a unique marketing strategy has taken flight, giving both local diners and workplace offices a real buzz to help grow WINGSTOP into a household name. WINGSTOP’s new strategy combines the distribution of discount vouchers within targeted consumer time slots whilst simultaneously engaging local businesses in the key brand values that are the essence of WINGSTOP.

How?  By thinking outside of the discount box.

Working with Gosh Promo to connect with both consumer footfall and the local business community, you can’t help but think ‘winner, winner, chicken dinner’ for WINGSTOP. Our promotional staff interact with members of the public going about their day while following a strategic local route to visit and engage with as many businesses as possible, who could very well be in need of some eating inspo when it comes to lunchtime or after work delights.

This B2C x B2B campaign, working in alignment together, surely justifies the phrase ‘two birds with one stone’.

Flying Higher: Box Free Promotional Staff

Imagine strolling down the street and a friendly face approaches you with an air of energy and opportunity about them, offering not just a piece of paper but an informed, enjoyable interaction accompanied by a discount voucher for a nearby food outlet. This is the magic that promotional staff and brand ambassadors bring to the table. By strategically placing promo staff at key locations, both consumer footfall and local businesses are targeted, creating a ripple effect that goes beyond a simple voucher transaction.

These promotional staff members are not mere distributors of discount vouchers; they are the living, breathing embodiment of the WINGSTOP brand. With infectious enthusiasm, they engage passersby, sharing the mouthwatering story of WINGSTOP’s delectable wings and inviting them to savor the unique flavors waiting inside. This personal touch elevates voucher distribution into a memorable, positive experience for potential customers and leaves a lasting impression.

Experiential Marketing: One Wing at a Time

Drawing inspiration from the realm of experiential marketing, Gosh Promo’s approach for WINGSTOP goes beyond conventional advertising. It’s about creating an immersive experience that resonates with every member of its audience personally.  As promotional staff engage with individuals and local businesses, they become the face and personality of WINGSTOP, weaving a narrative that extends way beyond the confines of a discount voucher.

In a world inundated with advertising noise, experiential marketing stands out by forging a connection with its audience. When consumers associate positive emotions and personal interactions with a brand, it builds loyalty and ensures that WINGSTOP isn’t just a restaurant but a growing and much loved part of the community.

Gosh Promo staff bring personality to the game

Statistics that Soar: A Chicken Wing Phenomenon

Before delving into the impact of this marketing strategy, let’s take a moment to appreciate the scale of WINGSTOP’s success in the UK. With around 40 restaurants open nationwide already, WINGSTOP has become a go-to destination for those seeking flavor-packed wings that transcend the ordinary.

According to research by Food Hub a staggering 10% of the UK claim to eat chicken wings every day, showcasing the undeniable popularity of this iconic dish. But what makes chicken wings such an irresistible draw? As consumers increasingly seek unique dining experiences, WINGSTOP emerges as a frontrunner, delivering not only on taste – their mission statement is to; Serve The World Flavour – but also on the promise of a memorable encounter.

Promotional Staff: Boosting Lunchtime and After-Work Sales

The strategic deployment of promo staff during lunchtime and after work hours is working well. These are the moments when individuals, mostly hungry and often tired,  are not just looking for a meal but an experience that lifts and re-energises them.  By tapping into these specific timeframes, WINGSTOP ensures that its brand ambassadors connect with potential customers when they are most receptive to new culinary adventures.

Picture this: a professional in their office, bogged down by the demands of the workday, encounters a WINGSTOP branded promo staff member who strolls in and takes a seat, asking what everyone is doing for food later. The fun interaction coupled with a discount voucher, creates a sense of anticipation for a little post-work indulgence. This targeted approach, where we excite and educate people about WINGSTOP, maximizes the potential for voucher redemption, transforming a routine lunch or dinner into a flavorful WINGSTOP experience.

Beyond Savings: Building Community and Brand Advocacy

The impact of this marketing strategy extends beyond immediate sales. By embedding WINGSTOP in the daily lives of local residents, a sense of community is fostered. The local businesses that collaborate with WINGSTOP staff on a regular basis over large orders or events become integral partners in this culinary journey, contributing to a thriving ecosystem of shared experiences.

Moreover, as promotional staff become the face and voice of WINGSTOP, they also serve as brand advocates. Their genuine enthusiasm and personal touch convert casual encounters into lasting customer / brand relationships. In an era where authenticity resonates with consumers, this approach ensures that WINGSTOP isn’t just a restaurant but a trusted companion in the local culinary landscape.

Conclusion: A Flavorful Future for WINGSTOP in Southend on Sea

In the dynamic realm of marketing, WINGSTOP’s fusion of promotional staff and discount vouchers stands out as a testament to innovation and creativity. By transforming a routine marketing tactic into an immersive experience, WINGSTOP has not only captured the attention of Southend on Sea, where Gosh Promo most recently activated this campaign, but has woven itself into the fabric of the community.

As the statistics showcase, WINGSTOP’s prominence in the UK and the enduring love for chicken wings, confirm this marketing strategy emerges as a sure recipe for success. Discounts currently flood the market. By offering more than just the discounts, WINGSTOP has created a culinary narrative that extends beyond the plate, ensuring that each voucher distributed isn’t just a ticket to savings but an invitation to savor the unparalleled flavors that define WINGSTOP’s food and personality.

The wings of change are not just flapping in the UK; they are soaring to new heights!